In the late 1940’s, this building was erected by Charles Teeters as a filling and automobile repair station and it operated in that capacity until the late 1970’s. The building was then remodeled and opened as an event facility by Scott Hersberger in the fall of 2009. The feel of a station has been retained with operational garage doors and décor. In 2014, the restaurant opened with seating for 80 in the dining room and 80+ on the outside patio during the summer.


Scott Hersberger

A long time, self-proclaimed “foodie”, Scott got his start in the culinary
arts from visits with his grandmother—Nanny. When he stayed with her,
Nanny would lovingly include him in preparing family meals and treats,
something he excelled at and very much enjoyed. Years later, Scott
wouldfind himself, on weekends, enthusiastically watching Julia Child
and preparing family dinners while his wife, Tammy, worked and their
sons took naps. In 2009, Scott remodeled an old gas station and turned
it into a banquet facility named The Station where he and a crew of help
catered many successful events. After his oldest son, Nick, became
a professional chef, both he and Nick decided to take The Station
from a banquet facility to a restaurant open to the public.

One of the first recipe’s Scott learned from his grandmother was her
(Nanny’s) Chocolate Angel Food Cake which will always be on the
menu at The Station.


Scratch List

A list (although not complete) of what we make in-house:

♦ Canadian bacon
♦ Bacon
♦ Smoked pork
♦ Smoked turkey
♦ Honey ham
♦ Corned beef
♦ Herb-roasted chicken
♦ Ricotta cheese
♦ Barbecue sauce
♦ Corn tortilla
♦ Creamy gorganzola dressing
♦ Chipotle lime caesar dressing
♦ Thousand island dressing
♦ Ketchup
♦ Dill pickles
♦ Sauerkraut
♦ Club roll buns
♦ Oat-wheat bread
♦ Herb honey butter